Yuval has traveled a great deal across the world, and especially in Israel, in order to photograph the beauty of life itself.  Even traveling, hiking and backpacking to remote areas to experience nature's raw splendor firsthand.

He usually photograph each subject many times – like in a portrait session – using different angles and compositions, watching as the lighting and subject change, and often returning another day or season for better lighting conditions.  After each major photographic expedition, Yuval sorts through hundreds of images and selects only a handful of outstanding images to utilize as texture maps within his 3D workflow.

Using Adobe Photoshop CS4® on a high end Macintosh computer, he fine tunes each image, staying true to the original scene while correcting the color balance, managing tonal ranges, and refining with subtle dodging and burning to create a more expressive image.

Yuval then imports the image(s) into a specialized 3D program.  He then meticulously creates the geometry of each of the Hebrew letters and alters them to suit his taste.  Next, he chooses a lighting setup to complement the mood he is trying to achieve much like in photography.  Yuval then combines these elements into a scene structure, much as a Hollywood Director would, and manipulates the material elements of each object to achieve a unique look and feel.  Often trying many variations of textures and positions until just the right “feel” is achieved.   He then renders and prints the image in order to color proof the final result.

Finally, his skills in digital color management come into play and using accurate camera, display, and printer profiles Yuval trys to achieve the most excellent color reproduction possible.  He then personally prepares each print using the finest digital printmaking techniques..